About IndieQuest – Мир квестов и приключений!

About IndieQuest

IndieQuest – well known Moscow brand with 2 quests which rated both as leaders in all rating agencies with 2 quest games: ‘1941: The Battle of Moscow’ and ‘Spy Story: Embassy Escape’. IndieQuest team created unique entourage and environment, creative puzzles and logical plot. You can dive in 1941 war time for one hour or become Spy team and get exiting experience in Moscow downtown.

Our Quest games were awarded many times as best historical quest, as top quests of Moscow, tourist’s journal awards etc. We are glad to invite you to get surprising impression with our games.

Quest participation rules:

Quest is real time adventure for teams of 2-5 persons. 6 persons are possible with additional fee.

No danger for any player, please inform before the game in case of pregnancy or serious heart problems to switch off some special effects. The Game can be stopped any time for the team or any player.

Players from 8 to 14 years old must be escorted by parents.

Quest game is designed for 1 hour playing, timeslot must be chosen on website http://www.indiequest.ru – at the moment English language booking is possible only via e-mail request (info@indiequest.ru )

IndieQuest team will contact you soon.  Please leave your contacts, timeslot and date inside e-mail as well as participant count and Russian speakers inside your team.